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Have A Conversation With SAP S/4 HANA Data

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What We do
Statement Of Problems
(Data Deprived Decisions)

Business leaders were generally taking Data Deprived Decisions due to 100% dependency on the Software Team and the lengthy Development cycle for Data Insights. As a result, Business Teams in Manufacturing had to Wait Weeks & Months to get Dashboards/Reports.

Conversatix BI Implementation Impact

Now Business Users or Decision Makers have the luxury of having a conversation with SAP HANA Application Data and AI-Driven Dashboard enabling even non-IT guys to analyze SAP S/4 HANA Data over No-Code and create Dashboards Instantly.

  • newfangled
    • Increased Sales Manager's performance.
    • Improved Orders, Sales & Collections runrate through target vs. actual comparison.
    • Orders Profitability decisions through CTS & NSR analysis.
    • Identification of Market Trends through daily, weekly & monthly sales trends.
  • newfangled
    • Comparative analysis of Revenue & Collection trends.
    • Improved Operational efficiencies through Operation KPI Daily & Monthly Yield % Analysis and Utilization %.
    • Production Cost optimization through monthly analysis of Conversion costs.
    • Inventory management with accurate data for the Stocks such as FG/WIP/RM.
  • newfangled
    • Runrate Analysis for each stage.
    • Manufacturing Yield Analysis Productwise & Stagewise.
    • Reduced downtime through accurate downtime details stagewise and department wise.
    • Instant & Accurate Production Planning decisions through Stage wise WIP & FG tracking.
  • newfangled
    • Fast & Accurate tracking of Expenses through cash flow statement on a monthly basis.
    • Cost Optimization through monthly analysis of Conversion costs.
    • Freight Cost Reduction through Freight analysis for each transporter & cities.
    • Instant tracking of Accounts receivables such as outstanding, overdue & Legal cases amount.
What We do
Return On Investment (ROI)

Data-Driven Decisions across all Departments of Manufacturing.

Turning Data into Wisdom, so it's helping increase revenue and also reducing operational costs.

Turnaround Time for Data Insights 10x Faster and Economical over No-Code Data Analytics Platform.

Log Analytics GenAI-driven Log Analytics

Enabled Citizen Development for a Manufacturing by Implementing No-Code Data Analytics Platform