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Instant Data Insights From Big Data

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What We do
Statement Of Problems
(Data Deprived Decisions)

Business leaders wanted to turn the Data into strategic assets to increase their Growth and Revenue Pipeline but it was time-consuming as it takes so much time to Code and get the required Data ready whenever they needed.

Conversatix BI Implementation Impact

AI-driven Conversatix BI now offers business users and decision-makers the ease of communicating with their Data, enabling all departments to instantly generate their dashboards without writing any Code.

Data Insights from Big Data (Hive and Hadoop)

Through Hive Data analysis, the client is uncovering valuable insights into user behaviour patterns and more.

Data Democratization

PolusAI , a No-Code/NLP-driven tool has facilitated a culture of Data Democratization across all departments.

Row-Level Data Security

The product not only enforces Data access policies at the table level but also at the individual Row level.

10x faster Data Preparation

Data preparation steps like cleansing and caching the Data become 10x faster due to the No-Code framework.

What We do
Return On Investment (ROI)

Drilling down Big Data(Hive and Hadoop) in Real Time.

Faster Data Insights turnaround enabled them to turn

Easy sharing of dashboards and reports optimizes operational efficiency.

Log Analytics GenAI-driven Log Analytics

Get Instant Data Insights From big Data Without Writing Code.