Enterprise Architecture

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Newfangled PolusAi Linearly Scalable Architecture
Economical Infrastructure Recommendations

We provide optimized and Economic Infrastructure Recommendations to implement Robust Enterprise Architecture over On-prem or Cloud with due diligence, like:

We do the dimensioning based on the number of Devices or Users or concurrent payloads and study Data volume and their future growth from Ingestion, and Processing perspectives.

Linearly Scalable Architecture With High Availability

We ensure that each layer of the Enterprise Architecture should be High Availability and can be independently linearly scaled to accommodate the Ingestion from Billions of Devices/Users, processing Petabytes of Data, and serving Insights to Millions of concurrent Users, etc.

Newfangled PolusAi Enterprise Architecture
Newfangled PolusAi Linearly Scalable Architecture
Security Architecture & Design

Security is one of the most critical aspects of any Enterprise Architecture so we Design the Architecture and Infrastructure Deployment Model in such a way that it should adhere to the InfoSec Policies.

Best Recommendations for API/User Authentication, Authorization, Data Masking, and Data Encryption whether Data in Motion or Data at Rest.

Data Migration

We have vast experience migrating Data from on-prem DBs to Cloud Native DBs and vice-versa

We have helped a lot of companies to move their Data from OLTP to Data Warehouse, like RDBMS to Hive or move the Data from Kafka to NoSQL/Druid/Elasticsearch with Spark Stream in an optimized way.

Newfangled PolusAi Enterprise Architecture
Log Analytics GenAI-driven Log Analytics

Robust Linearly Scalable Architecture Plays a Major Role in Organization's Digital Journey