Hospitals and Healthcare-Use Case

Instant Data Insights From Oracle Database

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What We do
Statement Of Problems
(Data Deprived Decisions)

Business leaders are seeking ways to access Data more easily to boost their Revenue Pipeline in Healthcare. However, a significant challenge they face is the dependence on software teams to provide Data, which often causes delays in accessing it instantly or on demand.

Conversatix BI Implementation Impact

AI-driven Conversatix BI now offers business users and decision-makers the ease of communicating with their Data, enabling all departments to instantly generate their dashboards without writing any Code.

Performance Evolution for Dentists and Labs

Gain a comprehensive understanding of case management from the viewpoints of both Dentists and Labs.

Data Democratization across all departments

We enabled Data Democratization across all departments of Healthcare using our No-Code/NLP capabilities and Oracle Database.

Data sharing across the Labs with zero efforts

Our scheduler facilitates the sharing of respective PDFs among labs across India in a secure and user-friendly manner.

10x faster and simpler Data Preparation

Data preparation steps like cleansing and caching the Data become 10x simpler and faster due to the No-Code framework.

What We do
Return On Investment (ROI)

Cost deductions in Data Analytic projects as Conversatix BI is a No-Code Platform.

Sharing the dashboard or reports became a competitive edge due to the reduced turnaround time for their creation.

Super easiness of sharing the dashboard and reports across the labs optimizing their operational efficiency.

Log Analytics GenAI-driven Log Analytics

Say Goodbye to Complex Coding for Processing big Data, and Say Hey to Our Nlp-Based Ai-Driven Products.