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When Clients Opt for Performance Engineering Service?
Conversational BI Data Democratization
Conversational BI Data Democratization
Highly Occupied Servers
CPU & RAM Utilization are very high throughout the day and system resource unavailability is choking the processing.
Conversational BI Data Democratization
Non Optimized Coding
Poor Coding is generally the main culprit in performance bottleneck.
Conversational BI Data Democratization
Jobs take very long hours
Those jobs which are supposed to be completed within an hour, taking more than 4-10 hours.
Conversational BI Data Democratization
Business Users keep waiting for Data/Data Insights
Long-Running Jobs are Showstoppers for Business.
Performance Bottlenecks Kills the Business
Newfangled PolusAi DATA MIGRATION
Our Task Force Can Kill Performance Issues

We have a specialized ability to resolve non-trivial issues related to performance. We apply multidimensional collective intelligence for these issues, giving us an edge over big established players.

Veteran Solution Architect

Will provide optimized solution for easy implementation without changing the business logic.

Champion DB Developer

Will write the code exceptionally quickly with no regression impact.

Senior Database Administrator

Will tune at DB Level, OS Level, Network Level and train the existing DBA Team.

On-Site Coordinator

Work closely with Client Team + NewFangled Team and help them in testing

Newfangled PolusAi Linearly Scalable Architecture
NewFangled Helped South Korean Fortune 500 Company To Kill Performance Tuning Problems
Database- Oracle ERP

Statement of Problem

Some Daily Jobs like Inventory Process, Sale Out, etc., particularly at the month's end take more than 20 hours, which becomes a showstopper for the Business.

How we helped them

Our Task Force studied AWR, Trace file, etc., and found the Culprit Queries. We tune the Culprit Query by redesigning/rewriting or changing some Data Models to bring down the elapsed time by 80-90%. Sometimes we also Tune the instance/session label parameters to Tune the Queries.

NewFangled Helped Payment Service Providers Company To Achieve A 100% Successful Transactions Status
Database- Maria DB & Elasticsearch
Application server- Tomcat

Statement of Problem

Payment service providers faced major challenges with Low Transactions per Second (TPS), which hindered them from meeting scalability needs.

How we helped them

NewFangled investigated the end-to-end components required to achieve the desired Transaction per Second (TPS) rate. This issue was found in the Application and Database Server.

The Task Force's Experts Teams performed extensive modifications, including Code Optimizations, Fine-Tuning OS Parameters, and Optimizing the Application Server.

Newfangled PolusAi Enterprise Architecture
Log Analytics GenAI-driven Log Analytics

Wanna kill the Performance Bottlenecks of your Business?