Real Estate-Use Case

ERP-Enabled Data Insights

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What We do
Problems Of Statement
(Data Deprived Decisions)

Business leaders want to turn the Data into strategic assets for increasing Real Estate Revenue Pipeline but they are not getting the required Data Instantly or whenever they require it due to 100% dependency on Software Teams.

Conversatix BI Implementation Impact

Business Users and Decision Makers can now easily communicate with their Data through NLP-driven Conversatix BI, which enables genuine self-service analytics facility for all departments to create customized dashboards instantly from ERP.

  • newfangled
    • 360°-view of revenue and collection journey made in any financial year.
    • Revenue leakages from campaign sources and other all other sources.
    • Pattern analysis for conversion of leads into booking for better revenue collection.
    • Improved Operational efficiencies in every department like the sales team, marketing team, finance team, etc.
  • newfangled
    • Daily trends of Leads vs. Opportunities vs. Booked to get clear of a picture of performance
    • Enabled Campaign analysis to evaluate the performance of different Campaigns.
    • Revenue vs. Target comparison to evaluate Performance at different intervals.
    • A thorough analysis of time spent at different activities at task to improve customer experience.
  • newfangled
    • Fast & Accurate tracking of Expenses through cash flow statements on a monthly basis.
    • Instant tracking of accounts receivables such as outstanding, overdue & Legal cases amounts.
    • Cost Optimization through monthly analysis of Conversion costs.
    • Freight Cost Reduction through Freight Analysis for each property.
  • newfangled
    • Cashflow Reports to realize the cash flow of the organizations.
    • A detailed Outstanding Creditors report identifying collection focus areas.
    • Ledger Details comparing Daily Opening and Closing Balance for an effective P&L Creation.
    • Thorough budgeting based on outstanding and expense analysis.
What We do
Return On Investment (ROI)

A 360-degree view of the journey from leads to conversions in Real Estate.

Helped them to stop their Revenue Leakage through the unfruitful campaign.

Optimized their operations in the warehouse or building constructions.

Creating actionable items for Marketing/Sales teams.

Log Analytics GenAI-driven Log Analytics

Empower all Departments to Have Data at Their Fingertips by Implementing No-Code Data Analytics Platform