Analyze the Data at the Speed of Engagement

Our Linearly Scalable Architecture helps Organizations to Capture and Analyze the Streaming Data from millions of devices in Real-Time.

Stitching the Streaming Data with other Databases in Real-Time

Our Next-Gen Product can stitch the Streaming Data with existing Enterprise Databases to take action in Real-Time.

Can Scale for Millions of Devices Over Commodity Hardware

Our product can be deployed over very economical hardware and it can be scaled linearly to accommodate any volume of Data at any Speed.

Build Streaming Pipeline in a Minute Without Coding

We are using GenAI Driven Engine for Stream Analytics too so creating the Pipeline for capturing and Enriching Streaming Data can be done without coding.

Stream Analytics Streaming Data

Wanna know how you can Ingest and Analyze the Data from millions of devices over Economical Hardware?