It is imperative that companies lead the way through the process with the goal of making informed decisions. Traditional Data Analysis tools often require a steep learning curve and extensive coding knowledge, making them inaccessible to non-technical users.


However, with the advent of new solutions such as PolusAI by NewFangled, the landscape is changing.In this blog, we’ll explore PolusAI, an innovative No-Code Data Analytics platform powered by Generative AI, and how it empowers users to effortlessly create real-time Data dashboards.

The Rise of No-Code Data Analytics

 As companies generate unprecedented amounts of Data, the demand for Data Analytics tools has increased. No-Code platforms eliminate the need for complex coding, allowing users to focus on search rather than syntax. PolusAI takes this concept to the next level by incorporating Generative AI, which automates the Data Analysis and Visualization process.

Introducing PolusAI: A Game-Changer in Data Analytics

Developed by NewFangled, PolusAI is a Generative AI-driven No-Code Data Analytics platform designed to Democratize Data Analysis. With its user-friendly interface, PolusAI enables technical and non-technical users to harness the power of Data without the complexity of coding.

The platform is equipped with an advanced machine-learning algorithm that automatically Analyzes Data, identifies patterns, and provides meaningful Insights in real time.


Building Real-Time Data Dashboards

One of PolusAI’s unique features is its ability to create real-time Data dashboards effortlessly. Let’s explore the steps to create a real-time Data dashboard using PolusAI:


Connect Data Sources:

PolusAI supports seamless integration with multiple Data Sources, including Databases, spreadsheets, and cloud storage. Users can access their custom Data sources without the need for complex configuration, simplifying Data extraction.

Data Preprocessing with Generative AI:

Traditional Data preprocessing can be time-consuming and error-prone. PolusAI’s Generative AI algorithms automate Data cleansing and transformation tasks. This ensures that the Data are accurate and ready for Visualization.


Drag-and-Drop Dashboard Builder:

PolusAI’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows users to effortlessly create their own dashboards. The platform provides a rich library of pre-built widgets and views, allowing users to choose from a variety of charts, graphs, and tables.



Real-Time Analytics:

The heart of PolusAI lies in its ability to deliver real-time analytics. Generative AI algorithms continuously analyze incoming Data, dynamically updating the dashboard. This provides decision-makers with the most up-to-date information at all times.


Customizable Alerts:

PolusAI allows users to set customizable alerts based on predefined thresholds or Data anomalies. This approach ensures that stakeholders are immediately notified of important changes or events, allowing for faster response.


Collaboration and Sharing:

 Collaboration at PolusAI is well-designed, with features that facilitate teamwork. Users can easily share dashboards, insights, and reports, creating a collaborative decision-making process.

The Advantages of PolusAI’s Real-Time Data Dashboards 


PolusAI’s No-Code approach makes Data Analysis accessible to a broad audience. Non-technical professionals can create and interpret real-time Data dashboards without relying on Data scientists or IT professionals.


Speed and Agility:

The automation provided by Generative AI accelerates the Data Analysis process, enabling businesses to make informed decisions quickly. Real-time dashboards allow stakeholders to react instantly to changing market conditions or emerging trends.



By eliminating the need for extensive coding and reducing the reliance on Data science teams, PolusAI is proving to be a cost-effective solution for enterprises Platform for providers use the ability to handle Data Analysis tasks automatically, saving time and resources.



PolusAI’s adaptability is evident in its compatibility with different Data Sources and formats. Whether your Data is stored in Databases, spreadsheets, or the cloud, PolusAI can easily integrate and analyze it in real-time.


 In conclusion, PolusAI by NewFangled emerges as a transformational force in Data Analytics. Combining a simple No-Code platform with the power of generative AI, PolusAI empowers users to create real-time Data dashboards with unprecedented ease Companies using PolusAI deliver Data powers all processes, make informed decisions, and react faster to market dynamics Gain competitive advantage.



As we continue to see Data Analytics evolve, platforms like PolusAI are paving the way for a future of insight for all based on Data. PolusAI streamlines the Data Analytics process through intuitive interactions and automated generation, allowing users to focus on gaining insights rather than fighting complex tools.

Apoorva Verma

Apoorva is a passionate and driven individual who accidentally found her interest in Business Intelligence and Data Analysis while studying Travel and Tourism. Despite her first love for being Content Writer and Blogger, she now creates compelling content on NLP-driven decision-making and a No-Code Data Platform that influences businesses. Her commitment to making Data accessible and Democratized for everyone has led her to work with NewFangled Vision on NLP-based Conversational Driven Data Analysis.

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