From Data to Decisions: Power of Zero-Coding Tool

In an era dominated by data-driven decision-making, the unveiling of PolusAI by NewFangled Vision Pvt. Ltd. represents a significant milestone. PolusAI is a zero-coding data analytics platform tailor-made for business users. This revolutionary zero-coding platform is set to change the landscape of data analytics by making advanced tools accessible to non-technical professionals, thereby broadening the horizon of business intelligence (BI). This blog explores the reasons why adopting zero-coding Data Analytics is a game changer for small businesses.

PolusAI: Introduction

Enter PolusAI, NewFangled Vision’s answer to the complexities and gatekeeping in the data analytics industry. PolusAI is a GenAI-driven zero-coding platform designed from the ground up to enable business users—regardless of their technical proficiency—to engage directly with data through simple conversational interfaces. Imagine querying a database using natural language, asking questions like, “Hey Computer, show me which salesperson had the least revenue over the past three months,” and receiving insights in seconds, not days or weeks.

Visionary Revenue Projections and Global Aspirations

PolusAI a zero-coding platform is not just another analytics tool, it is a disruptive technology backed by ambitious goals. NewFangled Vision is targeting a significant market foothold with 50 initial clients, leveraging this momentum to expand globally. Their strategic direction is aimed at achieving the coveted ‘Unicorn’ status, projecting high growth through democratizing data analytics at a global scale.

Why Choose GenAI with a Home-grown Natural Language Engine?

At the heart of PolusAI is its GenAI technology, powered by a proprietary natural language processing engine. This advanced engine replicates developer expertise, allowing users to query and manipulate data using everyday language. Whether hosted on-premises or deployed in the cloud, PolusAI a zero-coding offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability. This flexibility ensures that enterprises of all sizes can leverage powerful analytics without the traditional barriers of infrastructure and technical know-how. Imagine querying a database using natural language, asking questions like, “Hey Computer, show me which salesperson had the least revenue over the past three months,” and receiving insights in seconds, not days or weeks.

Addressing the Market Gap: Competitors’ Limitations

While there are several established players in the BI tool market, many of these tools are development-driven and require extensive technical knowledge. They often struggle with processing high volumes of data and lack support for NoSQL technologies, which are crucial for managing big data. Furthermore, the high cost associated with these tools can be a significant barrier for many businesses. PolusAI addresses these challenges head-on by offering a cost-effective, highly capable, zero-coding, and user-friendly alternative that promises to bring BI capabilities to a wider audience.

The Strategic Edge of Zero-Coding

The zero-coding aspect of PolusAI does more than just simplify user interaction. It ensures that businesses can adapt more rapidly to market changes by enabling quicker iterations of data analytics cycles. This agility is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in dynamic industries. Moreover, zero-coding platforms like PolusAI can significantly reduce errors that might occur in manual code writing, leading to more accurate data analysis and reliable business insights.

NewFangled Vision’s Commitment to Zero-Coding Data Engineering

NewFangled Vision stands out in the tech landscape with its commitment to zero-coding solutions in data engineering and analytics. By eliminating the need for coding, PolusAI empowers business users to perform complex data analysis tasks quickly and efficiently. This approach not only speeds up the decision-making process but also significantly reduces the dependency on IT staff for data-related queries and reports.

Fast Processing of High-Volume Data

One of the core strengths of PolusAI is its ability to process high volumes of data at lightning speed. This capability is crucial for organizations dealing with vast amounts of data across various sources. The efficient processing power of PolusAI ensures that businesses can glean insights and drive action from their data in real time, providing them with a competitive edge in fast-paced markets. zero-coding for the entire lifecycle of Data Engineering and Analytics.


PolusAI is set to redefine the boundaries of business intelligence. With its user-friendly interface, powerful GenAI capabilities, and strategic leadership, PolusAI is well-positioned to lead the charge towards more accessible, efficient, zero-coding and powerful data analytics tools. As businesses increasingly look to leverage big data without getting bogged down by complexity and high costs, PolusAI stands ready to meet these needs and drive a new era of business innovation. With such transformative potential, it’s clear why NewFangled Vision is on a fast track to becoming a Unicorn in the tech industry. This is more than just an evolution; it’s a revolution in business intelligence.

Manashvi is a dedicated professional with over 7 plus years of experience in driving sales to new heights across the banking, insurance, and wealth management sectors. Currently aligned with Newfangled Vision, a tech-focused company, she showcases a strong interest in exploring tech verticals including Generative AI, no-code platforms, sustainable digital solutions, and big data analysis.

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