NewFangled introduced the GenAI-driven Data Analytics Platform, PolusAI, transform the entire data analytics lifecycle

Data has become the lifeblood of organizations. The ability to derive meaningful insights from vast amounts of Data is important to making informed decisions, driving innovation, and maintaining competitiveness but traditional approaches to the Data Analysis process often fail and face challenges such as complexity in codings, scalability issues, and high costs. 

In this GenAI era, NewFangled introduced the GenAI-driven Data Analytics Platform, PolusAI – a comprehensive solution designed to address these pain points and transform the entire Data Analytics lifecycle.

Why do Organizations Need a GenAI-Driven Data Analytics Platform?

Even when the world is growing with AI technologies many organizations face many challenges when it comes to Data Analytics and Insights such as:


  • Development-Driven Products: Existing ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and BI (Business Intelligence) tools are heavily development-driven, leading to time-consuming and complex analytics projects.
  • Skillset Gaps: There exists a significant gap in technical skills, particularly in handling Big Data and diverse Data sources, which hinders the effectiveness of existing tools.
  • High Costs: Traditional ETL/BI products are often very expensive, making them inaccessible for small to medium-sized organizations.
  • Ineffective with High-Volume Data: Many organizations deal with high-volume Data sources such as NoSQL Databases and Big Data platforms, for which current tools offer inadequate support.
  • Data Silos: Data silos remain a pervasive issue, impeding the seamless flow of information and hindering analytics.

Introducing GenAI Driven Data Analytics Platform: PolusAI, Replicating the Brain of Champion Software Developers into Machine

Free of predefined searches and performance constraints, Conversatix BI overcomes the limitations of traditional BI tools:

PolusAI is the innovative approach where NewFangled is replicating the brain of Champion DB Developers, and Software Developers into machines. This technology enables machines to generate code for the entire Data Analytics lifecycle, from Data ingestion to Visualization in real time.

The PolusAI Ecosystem: Unleashing the Power of Zero-Code Analytics

PolusAI Ecosystem is a zero-code analytical platform that supports various Data Sources, including Streaming Data, Databases, and Log Files. 

Key components of the ecosystem include:


Conversatix ETL

Empowering users to create Data Pipelines effortlessly through conversational interactions, eliminating the need for manual coding.


Conversatix BI

Enabling business users to derive actionable insights without any coding knowledge, democratizing access to Data Analytics.


Xpress Stream

Empowering organizations to respond intelligently to real-time Data challenges with unparalleled agility and efficiency.


Log Quester

Facilitating easy Data Exploration and Analysis from PDFs and log files, akin to conducting a Google-like search for Data Insights.

NewFangled’s Secret Warrior: Consultancy and Services

In addition to its cutting-edge technology, NewFangled Vision offers consultancy and services aimed at guiding organizations through their transformation journey:


CTO as a Service

Providing strategic guidance in Data Management, Analytics, AI/ML framework implementation, and Data Governance to drive digital transformation initiatives.


Enterprise Architecture

Designing and implementing scalable architectures to accommodate diverse Data Sources, volumes, and user requirements.


Data Lake & Data Warehouse Solutions

Addressing Data Silos and inter-departmental Data conflicts through the implementation of robust Data Lake and Data Warehouse solutions.


Performance Tuning

Collaborating with clients to optimize the performance of their Applications, Middleware, and Databases, enhancing operational efficiency and agility.

Overcoming Traditional BI and ETL Limitations

BI Tools: Free of predefined searches and performance constraints, Conversatix BI overcomes the limitations of traditional BI tools:

  • Google-like Search: Leveraging home-grown DB NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine for intuitive Data Exploration like a Google search experience.
  • Enhanced Performance: Overcoming performance bottlenecks associated with large Datasets through advanced processing engines and virtual Data Warehousing capabilities.
  • Affordability and User-Friendliness: Offering a cost-effective solution accessible to organizations of all sizes, with a user-friendly interface tailored for non-tech-savvy users.

Conversatix ETL: GenAI-Driven Automation for Seamless Data Integration

GenAI’s ETL solution revolutionizes Data Integration with its AI-driven approach:

  • Automatic Code Generation: Eliminating the need for manual coding by automatically generating end-to-end ETL pipelines based on business use cases and Data Source characteristics.
  • Scalability and Efficiency: Ensuring seamless scalability and resource optimization by dynamically adjusting ETL processes based on available resources such as CPU and RAM.
  • Compatibility with Diverse Data Sources: Offering unparalleled flexibility and compatibility with diverse Data Sources, including NoSQL Databases and high-volume Data streams.


In conclusion, the GenAI-driven Data Analytics Platform, PolusAI represents a powerful innovation in the world of Data Analytics. By leveraging GenAI-driven Data Analytics automation, zero-code analytics, and expert consultancy services, NewFangled empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of their Data. With GenAI-driven Data Analytics, organizations can overcome traditional limitations, democratize Data Analytics, and drive innovation with Data-Driven Insights.

Apoorva Verma

Apoorva is a passionate and driven individual who accidentally found her interest in Business Intelligence and Data Analysis while studying Travel and Tourism. Despite her first love for being Content Writer and Blogger, she now creates compelling content on NLP-driven decision-making and a No-Code Data Platform that influences businesses. Her commitment to making Data accessible and Democratized for everyone has led her to work with NewFangled Vision on NLP-based Conversational Driven Data Analysis.

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