In the fast-paced world of Real Estate where decisions can make or break deals, the demand for immediate accurate information has never been greater. Business leaders in the industry are eager for Data to be turned into efficient assets to increase revenue.

The Statement of Problems: Data Deprived Decisions

In the pursuit of efficient decision-making, the Real Estate industry often deals with Data fraud. The reliance on software teams means that access to critical Data is not instantaneous and hinders quick and informed decision-making. 


Enter Newfangled PolusAI’s Conversatix BI – game changers reshaping the landscape of Data-driven insights in the Real Estate industry.


Newfangled PolusAI Overwhelmed

Revolutionizing Real Estate: Unleashing the Power of ERP-Enabled Data Insights

The introduction of Newfangled PolusAI is a revolution in the Real Estate industry. This groundbreaking technology allows business users and decision-makers to interact with their Data effortlessly. This is a transformational step towards true real-world user analytics, enabling all companies to instantly create customized dashboards from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Conversatix BI Implementation Impact

Conversatix BI powered by natural language processing (NLP), enables users to seamlessly interact with their Data. This new capability has far-reaching implications for the industry, providing decision-makers with valuable insights without relying on software teams. Let’s take a deeper look at how these trends are reflected in the dashboards designed for CEOs, Sales and marketing teams, CFOs, and financial analysts.


CEO’s Dashboard: A 360° View of Revenue and Collection Journey

CEOs now have Data at their fingertips a comprehensive 360° view of revenue. This dashboard displays revenue from campaigns and provides valuable insights for setting future strategies. Pattern analysis for lead conversion provides strategic benefits, increasing revenue collection. Improved operational efficiencies in departments including sales, marketing and finance further contribute to smooth and profitable operations.


Sales & Marketing Dashboard: Driving Performance with Data

Sales and marketing teams benefit from daily overviews of trends in leads, opportunities, and bookings. Campaign analytics make it easy to evaluate the performance of different campaigns, while revenue and goal comparisons ensure a clear understanding of performance across different networks. Provides in-depth analysis of time spent on different activities and customer experience is enhanced, resulting in more informed and responsive sales and marketing strategies.


CFO’s Dashboard: Navigating Financial Waters

For CFOs navigating the challenging Real Estate financial environment, Converstix BI provides fast and accurate expense tracking with instant tracking of monthly cash flow Accounts Receivable, including defaults, overdrafts, and lawsuits, slow down financial activity. The dashboard helps in cost efficiency by providing detailed freight analysis of each asset and monthly analysis of change costs and reduces freight costs.


Financial Dashboard: Unlocking Financial Insights

This dashboard acts as a financial compass, reporting cash flow to understand the financial health of the organization. Detailed reports on outstanding debtors identify areas of collection focus, while ledger entries that compare daily opening and closing balances are helpful in effective profit and loss reporting. Appropriate financial planning based on analysis of receivables and costs ensures financial stability and strategic planning.


Newfangled PolusAI ROI: A Transformational Journey

Revolutionizing Real Estate: Unleashing the Power of ERP-Enabled Data Insights

Using the Newfangled PolusAI’s Conversatix BI translates into a great return on investment for real estate services:


360-degree views

Get a holistic view from leaders on change, and encourage detailed decision-making.


Prevention of revenue leakage

Identify and release revenue from productive campaigns, ensuring efficient use of resources.


Better business performance

Optimize warehouse and manufacturing operations, increasing overall efficiency.


Applicable search

Empowering marketing and sales teams with actionable tools, facilitating targeted and effective strategies.


The marriage of the Data insights that ERP enables with new technologies like the Newfangled PolusAI’s Converstix BI ushered in a new era for the Real Estate industry. Industry leaders now have the tools to turn Data into strategic assets, increased fuel revenue, operational efficiencies, and informed decision-making -The journey from misleading decisions to Data-driven success is now a reality, thanks to these amazing initiatives.

Apoorva Verma

Apoorva is a passionate and driven individual who accidentally found her interest in Business Intelligence and Data Analysis while studying Travel and Tourism. Despite her first love for being Content Writer and Blogger, she now creates compelling content on NLP-driven decision-making and a No-Code Data Platform that influences businesses. Her commitment to making Data accessible and Democratized for everyone has led her to work with NewFangled Vision on NLP-based Conversational Driven Data Analysis.

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