Data isn't just information—it's your roadmap to organizational empowerment, leading to increased profitability and sustainability

Data bags are the prize for the best and continued investments by organizations today. Intelligence is everywhere but the most intelligent are the ones who command a grip over the right Data by their side.

Almost all organizations claim to be tech-savvy however few enjoy the proficiency in maximizing the intelligence their Data sets hold. Turning Data into your vital asset could mean you visualize it as your roadmap to empowering the organization to grow more profitable and sustainable.


The challenging times

Help is a blessing in disguise however not all of us are fortunate to find it when we need it the most. The global economy is facing a tough ask as inflation is rising with poor support being rendered to fiscal deficits amidst rising debts. What can you take advantage of and who can you rely on to tackle stiff competitive pressures and declining profit margins? Your decisions therefore become key to not only growth but a fairly good survival.


Data is your biggest asset

The increasing prominence and the role that Data plays in your business strategy is growing because PwC’s Global Data and Analytics Survey depicts that with the use of capable Data Analytics, organizations are 3X more likely to report significant improvement in decision-making. A recent finding also suggests, however, that only about 16% companies are ‘data-driven’, highlighting the importance of making Data your core asset of value. And next-generation tools like the PolusAI product suite can come to the rescue, as at the heart of it is a proven, homegrown GenAI engine that will help you understand your clients better and faster, exhibit development towards your top business goals, and generate more informed decisions, thereby improving operational efficiencies and controlling cost overruns.


Conversational Business Intelligence

Gone are the days when you had to rely on technical personnel or learn how to code to get a Dashboard or Report generated through traditional BI tools. You can no longer spend time on configuring your parameters or wait for hours or days to make sense of your Data. One of the leading IT industry leader admitted how they take 20 days with around 4 senior developers to get customized Dashboards/ Reports on the costlier tools that they use. PolusAI’s Conversatix BI lets you simply type or talk to your Data in a manner of interrogating the Databases which may be singular or cumulatively stacked in a Data Warehouse or Data Lakes and get instant analytics with quick customizations for all aspects of visualization.


Riding the Digital Evolution Wave

PolusAI is built on a Linearly Scalable, Micro Services Architecture conforming to InfoSec policies and incorporating innovative technology Data frameworks like Virtual Data Warehouse allowing business users to converse with their Databases and extract intelligence quickly.

Digital transformation or Digitalization therefore evolves from an on paper world of technology models, processes or systems to real-world smart Data Analytics and Reporting thanks to PolusAI. Customizable Dashboards and Reports can now be created using all three modes of inputs NLP, Drag-and-Drop, and Coding through the PolusAI framework.


Feature Rich Product Portfolio

As compared to some of the well-known BI tools on the market, PolusAI scores an upper hand as it can embed new functionalities in a very short period. Due to the scalable architecture of PolusAI, conversational BI can cover many domain-specific requirements too, such as graph types, integration capabilities with existing tools, and real-time decision-making that supports even IoT devices. With the proficiencies of PolusAI to even take inputs from Excel or CSV files, achieving deep dive analytics is now becoming a boon for organizations that have a reliance on legacy tools and systems. With strong accessibility features of PolusAI like the Voice Command enabled actions, our Data Analytics tool is raising the bar of expectations for the customers. Email sharing and scheduling are also automated through PolusAI’s framework.


Conclusion: Data has the power to make you rich

In a nutshell, the ability to leverage GenAI platform features is driving organizations to drive their growth plans exponentially. The Ease of Use, made possible by PolusAI, is now opening the door to ad-hoc querying and getting the desired results anywhere, anytime across the Data universe your organization relies on. With decision-making at your fingertips, setting ambitious goals will never be looked at with suspicion.

With over 25 years of rocking it in Sales and Marketing, Amit is the industry guru! He’s all about tackling problems that help businesses level up. He’s totally into tech that’s user-friendly and super easy to get the hang of. That’s why he’s head over heels for NewFangled’s Generative AI Platform—it’s a game-changer! Amit’s so passionate about it that he spends loads of time diving deep into its possibilities.

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