With Data have you grown wiser in your business decisions?



For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, a law that has gained popularity since the great scientist Newton invented it. Well, to create this law he had to prove it based on circumstantial evidence from experiments, which confirmed this theory based on facts, and facts are nothing but information or Data as we all know it.


So as humans, we are constantly making split-second decisions based on our understanding and assessment which at times we call our feelings, emotions or intuition, with or without taking the outcome or consequence into account.


In personal lives, the losses can be bearable; however, when it comes to making business decisions, attention to details is all that matters because it is crucial to take all external factors into account before taking any decisive action.


Through the process of data-driven decision-making, organizations can ensure that their business goals and objectives are guided by factual evidence or proof that mitigates major risks and downfalls.


Data driven Decision-Making


At NewFangled we have always believed that Best Practices enabled Technology interventions lead to amazing results and keep businesses at the forefront. Data driven Decision Making involves a process of analyzing collected Data through various Data sources, and drawing insights, to benefit a business or organization.


At its core, Data-driven decision-making allows for a better understanding of business needs by leveraging real, verified Data, instead of notional ideas or any presumptions.Studies have it that 49% of marketing professionals today use data-fueled strategies to improve customer outreach.


Another study says that Data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers. 62% of retailers report that the use of information and analytics is creating a competitive advantage for their organization. Insight-driven businesses are growing at an average of 30% each year; as compared to their less-informed industry competitors.


GenAI driven Data Analytics solution from NewFangled


Getting the organization aligned towards being a Data driven culture, tools like Coversatix BI, the Generative AI driven Data analytics product from NewFangled comes in as a big boon to industry stakeholders.


It has been crafted to have a small footprint deployable on both On-Premises and Cloud infra, using the home grown Push Down algorithm thereby eliminating the need for LLMs and the enormous cost overheads it brings along, business users can seamlessly create even complex Dashboards and Reports in minutes as against having to wait for hours and days from that of legacy BI tools.


As an added advantage to increase speeds, NewFangled also has a Zero-Code ETL tool, Conversatix ETL, that performs extremely rigourous tasks with ease and saves around 70% costs too.With our BI tool, there is no need to depend on technical personnel or software developers.


Business users can do the analysis themselves as you can hook up with Data Lake and Data Warehouse to access all kinds of Data instantly as also securely. This GenAI Product from NewFangled not only reduces around 80% development costs, accelerate the production time 9X faster for all Data engineering and analytics projects but also benefits from providing the Single Version of Truth.


Take bold decisions


The differentiating yet strong features offered by PolusAI of NewFangled, you can rely on taking quick and bold decisions backed by Data that has a universal acceptance. Since it can connect and collect Data from any source, including IoT devices, the flexibility to ingest Data in batch mode, CDC mode etc also provides for ways to get a holistic complete picture in a very short period of time.


You can be rest assured of continuity because NewFangled PolusAI is based on a linearly scalable, high-availability architecture that can be accessed over LDAP and SSO environments as it has been fortified with security features like Row level security policy, Data masking and encryption techniques, and OAuth 2.0 implementation. This tool from NewFangled has been trusted by Large enterprises and Fortune 500 company.




This GenAI product has the potential to change the data analysis landscape and helps businesses to evolve, as the possibilities for innovation in data analytics are limitless, and companies can consider it as a strategic asset for achieving growth and expansion.




With over 25 years of rocking it in Sales and Marketing, Amit is the industry guru! He’s all about tackling problems that help businesses level up. He’s totally into tech that’s user-friendly and super easy to get the hang of. That’s why he’s head over heels for NewFangled’s Generative AI Platform—it’s a game-changer! Amit’s so passionate about it that he spends loads of time diving deep into its possibilities.

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