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“This is so slow, I just cannot finish my tasks on time” OR “I wish the system could fetch me Data more faster so that I could meet my deadlines.” Are these not words expressed in frustration that are often heard across layers of business functions? Hardware or Software if not consumed with their best or optimal working capacities, leads to failures in delivering the ROI which impact the peak performances of individuals and organizations alike.


Challenges encountered


Typically, in mid-sized and large organizations, as the Data size swells due to the usage of multiple applications and systems, it becomes difficult to run those same applications at their peak performance levels.


NewFangled knows that this happens for several reasons, and the results are also diversified, like Jobs Taking time / Frequent Connection Timeouts / Non-optimized Queries etc. Every Data set or Database has a unique structure; however, applications are subjected to the same level of expectations by the users.


The Solution


NewFangled has expertise that stems from the fact that Data has been very closely understood and mapped to understand its limitations and strengths. The experts at NewFangled have handled very large Data sizes of close to 70 Petabytes and hence the major hurdles in Data management have been taken into consideration and the diagnosis and remedial actions to optimize Data for clients who need top-notch fulfillment when it comes to accomplishing the desired goals.


The Approach


NewFangled has a team of Data experts who carefully listen to the problems faced by major stakeholders of the Data and not just the IT teams. With this 360-degree approach mechanism, our customers are often taken by surprise with the ways we handle complex performance challenges with Data sets. We identify errors relating to areas such as Procedure Definition, Alert Logs, AWR, Traceroute, TKPROF, System Utilization, etc.


to determine if there are shortcomings due to incorrect configurations of parameters or bad code snippets that are slowing the whole process. NewFangled has to its count one such similar approach we have been able to reduce the job processing time from close to 21 hours to just about 30 minutes on the watch.


To execute these corrective procedures, NewFangled engages its best of the breed experts who perform specific tasks as laid out in the technical roadmap. For e.g. a senior Solution Architect implements the optimized solution in such a way that solution implementation is made easy, and without changing the Business Logic.


At NewFangled the senior Database Architect tunes at the DB Level, OS Level, and Network Level and trains the existing DBA Team for the client. The champion DB developers write the code exceptionally quickly with no regression impact and last but not least, the on-site coordinator works closely with the client’s team and the NewFangled Team to help them in testing and onboarding with Go-Live.


Areas of Data Optimization


Data optimization is the process by which organizations extract, analyze, and store data for maximum efficiency. NewFangled understands that the main methods of optimizing data are that of include tuning an optimization algorithm, standardizing format, fixing data errors, using the latest technology, and removing latency in data processing.


Optimized data enhances the data processing rate and improves the accuracy of your results.With NewFangled’s expertise and tools customers can enjoy the benefits of increasing efficiencies as well as make the Data ready for high-end analytics which lies at the heart of business Decision-Making. NewFangled’s team can cover all the areas of optimization including but not limited to:


HIGHLY OCCUPIED INSTANCES – Lowering the CPU & RAM Utilization which is very high throughout the day.


CODE DESIGN –Removing the bottleneck when applications are loaded with tasks that demand more resources.


JOBS WAITING in LONG QUEUES –Optimizing the long-running queries that force the OS to put even important jobs in the waiting queue.


LONG WAITING FOR REPORTS – Fast Tracking the Data Processing takes a long time which eventually leads to delays in Report Generation.




NewFangled’s services for Performance optimization allow companies to maximize their data with a strategy designed for innovation, security, and resilience. The exponential growth, retention complications, data gravity, and varied value make moving and managing data increasingly difficult and expensive. We help companies to align their business needs, costs, and efforts in supporting business growth plans and deliver operational plus competitive advantage.





With over 25 years of rocking it in Sales and Marketing, Amit is the industry guru! He’s all about tackling problems that help businesses level up. He’s totally into tech that’s user-friendly and super easy to get the hang of. That’s why he’s head over heels for NewFangled’s Generative AI Platform—it’s a game-changer! Amit’s so passionate about it that he spends loads of time diving deep into its possibilities.

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