Analyze any Log Files without any Coding, Possible? Yes.

 NewFangled’s Log Quester has created a revolution


Best Practices. These words are on everybody’s mind and should be as they hold so much value for anything that is being created, dismantled for good, or is an act of work in progress.  Many times there are silent warriors who ensure you win every battle and keep you safe.


Well, in the industry there is one such warrior called A Log that is perceived to be from the invisible rank and file but comes up right on top whenever there is a crisis anywhere. For instance, the voice recorder which is so infamously called the Black Box in the airline industry plays a very vital role when things go south.


Similarly, in business environments, a Log of any event generated by a device plays a big role and can bail you out of any adversity when needed. As a business owner if you think that recorded or log files are only relevant for justifying audit and compliance requirements, or to help technical people debug issues during software or hardware development, then we need to revisit our thinking. With proactive log monitoring, you configure thresholds for key health metrics and trigger alerts when these are exceeded.


Log Monitoring


Logs create a systematic trail of what happens throughout companies’ assets, including but not limited to complex applications, systems and infrastructure. Logs are digital records of what has happened anywhere within the IT infrastructure of a business.


Archived Data, Log monitoring is an essential first step that helps organizations identify, prevent, specifically detect, and resolve problems on a software or hardware system or device.


The Log monitoring solution collects data from various sources including errors, performance metrics, and system activities over a periodic interval which is customizable. A team of experts studies and deploys the tools and techniques to address any issues.


Log Analysis


The ultimate aim of Log monitoring is to enable it to be analyzed for preventing and improving or correcting any issues that may take place.


NewFangled has very strong expertise in Data management and hence based on the PolusAI platform, Log Quester is a product any organization can use to create the Streaming Data Pipeline without Coding from any Log sources like Application Logs, SYS Logs, API Logs, Middleware Logs, and DB Logs which are written into linearly scalable centralized economic storage platforms.


NewFangled created Log Quester to access and optimize the untapped reservoir of insights that can offer significant benefits to any business.


NewFangled has made this powerful product which is today empowering Stakeholders with Conversational capabilities for their Logs. Using GenAI-driven Log Analytics, business users can also create a Log Dashboard without any Coding.


The other advantage that NewFangled portrays as being of immense value is that this Centralized Log Architecture is that the Logs from different systems or Applications can be stitched to get Deep Insights.


Log Quester


Using advanced data science methods to parse even unstructured log data and create analytics without writing even a single line of code. NewFangled has created this tool based on GenAI technology and it addresses the following challenges:


  • Software Coding Dependencies
  • Tool limitations and ineffectiveness
  • Scalability issues when systems and network elements increase
  • Cost overheads
  • Go-to-Market time constraints


The types of logs that the innovative Log Quester created by NewFangled supports for analysis are as follows:


  • System log
  • Application log
  • Oracle alert log
  • Sys log
  • API log
  • DB checkup log


The benefits are many, when Log Quester developed by the experts at NewFangled is realized for a range of industries, size and they are:


  • NLP driven Log Analytics
  • AI Generative dashboards
  • ML driven Log and System resource correlation
  • Centralized log platform
  • Optimized for large volume Data


Its range of features supports various use cases like Application deployment verification, Fault isolation, Peak performance analysis, Forensics, etc.




NewFangled has unleashed possibilities that were previously found challenged because of the NLP and AI-driven techniques that allow IT teams to plan better. This is a boon that NewFangled has gifted to the users, so that with proper analysis tools like Log Quester, your log data can prevent failures in your systems, reduce resolution times, improve security, and deliver a better user experience.


With over 25 years of rocking it in Sales and Marketing, Amit is the industry guru! He’s all about tackling problems that help businesses level up. He’s totally into tech that’s user-friendly and super easy to get the hang of. That’s why he’s head over heels for NewFangled’s Generative AI Platform—it’s a game-changer! Amit’s so passionate about it that he spends loads of time diving deep into its possibilities.

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