With Data change the Universe around you



Has a recent loss from delays in production cycles or employees turning a blind eye to the governance practices you introduced as a leader in your organization given you sleepless nights? Have you been wondering lately why your business is not up to its top speed while the competition is wheezing past all the industry records.


These and many familiar questions are on the top of minds for many leaders and industry stakeholders across the geographies and vast arrary of industry segments. Only if, there was a way out, a method to stand tall because you had the Data to create legends who transformed your company into a mighty juggernaut.



Possible. Yes, this is byond guesswork and into the realm of Data driven culture where you are able to make informed choices based on what the data is telling you. Data is actually magic because what you want is just around you trying to tell you the right things however we may all be missing it because we are too heavily bogged down by either unable to access due to the lack of how to use Data intelligently or losing the time that intelligence surfaces when we truly need it to be.



Change Humans have been far blessed because we can Read and by that we can make sense of everything that falls within our scope to be studied and analyzed. For corporates and institutional entities this means mining the Data that needs to have a mind so that actions can be taken either to prevent something unusal or unwanted from happening or to create the desired situations that organizations can benefit from.


Data Analytics solutions give us the power to much deeper understanding of their audience or area of observation. Data Analytical tools such as the one from NewFangled, PolusAI, are developed to mimic the human brain and therefore work in tandem to give the desired results to the user without having to worry about how the Data is stored or pulled in. PolusAI helps in transforming into a model or format that helps business intelligence quickly turn raw Data into actionable insights.



PolusAI uses patterns in a Data set and uses its home grown algorithm to qucikly map and produce analysis with a drill down capability native to traditional BI tools but with a difference, it is extremely fast and easy to use. PolusAI is based on Generative AI technology and the Data Analytics tool kit caters to all kinds of Data insight requirements. PolusAI therefore becoming a powerful weapon in the hands of business warriors.




The PolusAI tool that has been painstakingly developed by experts at NewFangled, has been able to address some of the most complex Dashboard and Report requirements for all business verticals. With PolusAI due to the use of its NLP driven search feature, any business user can get empowered to run an analysis relying on simple plain english. This is what is called as ChatGPT for Databases.


PolusAI is based on a High Availability Linearly Scalable Architecture conforming to the micro services framework and connects with any Data source like an Excel sheet or a JSon file to any RDBMS or non-RDBMS Database.




NewFangled’s PolusAI has been implemented in some challenging environments and has delivered beyond expectations for the key stakeholders. Some of the Key Performance Indicators developed using PolusAI are as follows:


Comparative analysis of Revenue & Collection trends.


Production cost optimization through monthly analysis of conversion costs.


Run Rate Analysis for each stage.


Instant & Accurate Production Planning decisions through stage-wise WIP & FG tracking


Improved orders, sales & collections run rate through target vs. actual comparison


Order Profitability decisions through CTS & NSR analysis


Cost Optimization through monthly analysis of conversion costs


Instant tracking of accounts receivables such as outstanding, overdue & legal case amounts.


PolusAI has been found to map the customer requirements into precise contextual references and prepare smart Dashboards in minutes.


All kinds of Manufacturing and Services companies can use PolusAI to meet their analytical requirements with ease.





With NewFangled, the entire business class can expect to take their Decision Making to the next level and achieve their business goals in the shortest period of time. PolusAI is the cutting edge that will prove to be transformational and path breaking.




With over 25 years of rocking it in Sales and Marketing, Amit is the industry guru! He’s all about tackling problems that help businesses level up. He’s totally into tech that’s user-friendly and super easy to get the hang of. That’s why he’s head over heels for NewFangled’s Generative AI Platform—it’s a game-changer! Amit’s so passionate about it that he spends loads of time diving deep into its possibilities.

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