Why PolusAI is ahead of the curve: features that are a cut above the rest



Leaders too need advice when they are in the process of changing the invisible into the visible and their thoughts into actions. To transform concepts into operations, better engage with customers, reduce cost overheads, and unlock back-office capabilities that transform data into tangible measures, you need actionable insights.


Your progress gets defined by how well you approach challenging situations, and one way to surely get good grades is to be backed by credible information or Data analysis. A recent survey proves the power of data analytics: 44% of executives consider data crucial for strategic decision-making, while 37% believe it offers deeper insights into their business.



Meet PolusAI, the GenAI driven Data Analytics platform


PolusAI is a GenAI Analytics Platform, and its ecosystem comprises AI-driven ETL & BI components that enables Organizations to accomplish Data Engineering and Data Analytics Projects without Coding.


With this advanced decision-making tool, there is no need to depend on any software developers or technical personnel. Business users can do the analysis, even the complex ones, by themselves. For unlocking Data derived wisdom, you can hook up with any Data source from an Excel, .CSV or a JSon file right upto a Data Lake and Data Warehouse to access all kinds of Data instantly and accurately.


This GenAI product will reduce development costs by approximately 80% and accelerate production time by 9X for all Data Engineering and Analytics projects.


Why just PolusAI and not others?


There are a plethora of tools or solutions out there, however, PolusAI scores above the rest because of its elements like VDH and Push Down Algorithms. It has a linearly scalable, high-availability, and micro-services based architecture engraved with top security features.


The top line of competitive products available has some big limitations, like that some tools need you to be an expert with DAX alongwith being restrictive to basic queries while others do not understand the context and interpret the query based on their libraries, because of which the Databases and Disks get hit frequently leading to poor performances. Even drill-down features are not available for basic SaaS models of some of these tools.


On the other hand, some of these well known brands also increase your overheads by requiring you to invest in high end IT infrastructure and machines. The product needs bare minimum hardware support to dish out results that are up to par and beyond your mark. Many of these competitive tools also do not support the Voice Command feature that this product does. It supports all three modes of input, viz. NLP, Drag & Drop and Software Coding mode.


Application and Affordability


PolusAI is a platform-agnostic, industry, agnostic solution that works with any Data source and can also be easily customized to give the user the flavor he desires.


Some of these tools work best in an environment that supports their technology platforms or ecosystems. It engages every technology and embraces all kinds of use case scenarios. Since few of these tools use LLMs to support their GenAI features and functionalities, it again puts a strain on evaluating the use of GPUs which charge you through the roof.


The user interface is so Easy to use that even a kid trained to ask good questions can create intelligent Dashboards and Reports instantly.


Return on Investment


Your choice of PolusAI will help you leverage every currency denomination against the value you desire to receive. Our solution brings in a 90% reduction in development efforts and 10X acceleration in the production time frames.




Hence, even though you are a lean and mean organization but aligned to be highly data-driven, it is three times more likely that you will report significant improvements in decision-making compared to those who rely less on Data as per a survey conducted by PWC. PolusAI makes sure you lead the race when it comes to GenAI driven Data Analytics.

With over 25 years of rocking it in Sales and Marketing, Amit is the industry guru! He’s all about tackling problems that help businesses level up. He’s totally into tech that’s user-friendly and super easy to get the hang of. That’s why he’s head over heels for NewFangled’s Generative AI Platform—it’s a game-changer! Amit’s so passionate about it that he spends loads of time diving deep into its possibilities.

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